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Green Grocery Shopping

Reusable shopping bags are the way to grocery shop these days. They’re so convenient, and a really smart, easy way to cut down on plastic bags.

Disposable plastic bags are a huge problem to the environment and cutting down on any plastic that we can will be helpful. So, let’s do what we can to help save the environment from plastic bag overusage by getting the Lotus Trolly Bag today!

This bag is seriously such a great product. It makes shopping easy but more importantly, it makes carrying your bags into your home easier.

When you get to the store, hang it on the cart with the short handles and leave it there until you’re ready to check out. Once the groceries are on the line, pull your bag out and place the, on the cart. They easily slide out onto the cart and stay open so you can conveniently place all your groceries in them. When you get to your car, un-Velcro the bags from each other and place them in one at a time. I’m a ‘carry all the bags into the house in one load’ kind of girl; and these bags are perfect for that!

I primarily shop at Costco and Aldi, both of which have large, wide carts. This is a problem with the Trolly Bag because it doesn’t fit in these carts. The bag is only compatible with standard size (in width) shopping carts. For most people, this probably wouldn’t be an issue; but for someone (like me) with more than one child, this holds some challenges. Unless you’re shopping child-free or with just one child, using the shopping bags (attached to the cart) won’t be possible. (One way to allow this to work is grabbing these large carts so your kids have a seat that isn’t in the basket.)

With all that being said though, the bags have a duel feature that really make it great. The poles that connect the Trolly Bag to the cart are removable, making the bags all the more versatile. Just slide the polls right out of the bag, and use them like any other reusable shopping bag. I love this feature. It’s what actually changed my mind about these bags. When I learned that the polls weren’t wide enough to fit in the carts at the stores where I normally shop, I was really disappointed. But now knowing that I can easily remove (and re-enter) the polls with ease, I can and will use the bags more frequently.

The Lotus Trolly Bag comes with four different sized and colored bags, all removable. This means you can use all four at once, or un-velcro the bags and use them individually.

The purple bag is the largest and has pockets where wine bottles fit snuggly in and a carton of eggs fits well. This keeps your eggs safe and your wine bottles secure. The light blue bag is my favorite. It’s very large and it’s insulated, so all your cold items go here. The top of the bag velcro’s shut, keeping the coolness inside the bag; seriously genius. The last two bags are the same sizes; the dark blue and tan bag. These bags are smallest of the bags and are perfect for running into the store and picking up a few items.

All of the bags, except the light blue, insulated one, have mesh bottoms. This is really great because when there are spills from your groceries, the bags will clean easily. This also ensures that there will be pooling of your spills.

The bags are really long/deep, which I love. They hold a lot and don’t take up a lot of space because they’re skinny and tall; as opposed to my previous shopping bags that are wide and short.

I also LOVE the handles on the Trolly Bag. The long, deep handles are my favorite feature. This means I can hold the bag on my shoulder without it ridding up into my armpit. My largest complaint of ‘normal’ shopping bags is that the handles are so short; there isn’t even room for me to put them up onto my shoulder because they are too short. I’m not sure everyone will appreciate the long handles as much as me, but I just had to share my experience and opinion with you!

The reinforced stitching on the handles a huge plus. Seriously, it’s like super stitching. It would really take a lot for these handles to come apart.

The Lotus Trolly Bag is the perfect shopping accessory to take with you to any grocery store. I love to use them without the poles, mostly because it the stores I shop at the most. All that being said, having the option to put the poles back into the bags so I can use them for their [main] intended purpose.

The strong stitching and large, deep feature of the bags really make these bags stand out from other reusable shopping bags. My favorite feature though, the long straps, seriously.

Go get yourself a Lotus Trolly Bag, or give it as a gift. The holidays are just around the corner!

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