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$100 PayPal Sea of Cash Sign Ups

MamatheFox is hosting a giveaway for $100 PayPal Cash called

Sea of Cash PayPal Giveaway

If enough people sign up we will make it $150 or maybe even $200…If we have extra people in between the total cash prize I will use the extra money to pay for additional advertising. Form will be shut off at 20 people max (form gets too long at this point).

Each participant will have 4 forms of entry. You may have any legal form of entry.

For Facebook it will be phrased “Comment on any of XWY Blog’s Facebook post” and will be daily.
For Instagram it will be phrased “Interact with (follow, like, comment) on any of XWY’s Instagram posts” and will be daily.

Each participating blog will have one entry that will be marked at a higher entry value and listed at the top of the form (in the order that people sign up, first to sign up is closest to the top). This will ensure that even the last person to sign up will still have a nice click rate.

I have hosted these for a few years now and always get over 1000 unique people enter with a lot of daily entries as they are open WORLDWIDE. This competition will be open to everyone, I’ve even had a multimillionaire that made his money from cryptocurrencies and perhaps using something like this Bitcoin Code seriös trading platform. I do wonder if he was planning to use the PayPal money to invest some more into different cryptocurrencies. So once again, this competition is really open to anyone, please do get involved!

I am planning to have this event run: July 15th through July 31st. Winner pulled on August 1st.

Winner will have 24 hours to claim prize before a new winner is pulled – this is to make it easier on European blogs for their regulations. Anyone wanting to win cash prizes in another fun way may want to check out some of the games over on casino websites like this – There are many games to be enjoyed here that will remind fans of the genre of similar experiences that can be had in a physical casino.

PayPal payments are to be sent to as a FRIEND so no fee’s are charged. Be sure to include “for $100 Giveaway” in notes section

Click here to sign up

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