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Balboa Baby Simply Soft Blanket Giveaway

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Thirsties Natural One Size All In One

Thirsties is a family owned company and takes great pride in the fact that all Thirsties products are USA made. Thirsties not only cares about what is best for your baby they care about your budget as well as their own carbon foot print. When I found out how “Green” Thirsties really is, I was beyond impressed!

  •  Thirsties warehouse is 100% powered by wind energy.
  •  All carbon created in the transport of Thirsties products is 100% offset by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
  • All fabric and components are sourced as locally as possible, thereby cutting down on unnecessary transportation (not from China).
  • All cutting and sewing is completed locally as well so as to keep transport fuel consumption to a minimum (not from China).
  • Retail product packaging is produced in the USA with wind energy from FSC-certified paperboard.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle! Packaging materials are reused and recycled. Any new packaging is made from the highest postconsumer content available. Our new EcoEnclose Poly Mailers are 100% biodegradable and break down even in landfills!

To see more ways that Thirsties Baby is a super green business check out their What Makes Us Green page. Thirsties Green thinking makes me love their products even more.

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Natural One Size AIO

I can not say enough about how amazing the Thirsties Natural All In One is.  This diaper will grow with your baby and will fit 8 pounds to 40 pounds thanks to the 3 rise snap options as well as the 10 waist snaps. The Natural One Size AIO is also available in Hook and Loop.

Thirsties Natural One Size AIO has 11 layers of natural fibers. The body of the diaper itself has 3 layers of organic cotton with 2 soaker pads that attach to the front of the diaper add 8 layers of hemp/organic cotton. This all adds up to one super trim and extremely absorbent diaper.

Cloth diapering doesn’t get easier than using a All In One. No pockets to stuff or inserts to snap in. Thirsties Natural One Size AIO diapers are my go-to for cloth diapering outside of the house, not only is it trim on the baby it’s trim in the diaper bag and we all know how valuable that space can be. They are simple and straightforward which is great for my helpful husband on diaper laundry day. They are also my easiest diapers for babysitters or anyone not familiar with cloth.

Be sure to wash your Natural AIOs 3 times alone to rid the fabric of natural oils. After 8 washes you will achieve maximum absorbency of your diaper. I find Thirsties Natural One Size AIO easy to spray off since both inserts attach to the same end, making diaper laundry even easier. I always lay my diapers flat to dry and try to use the sun as mush as possible to remove stains and disinfect. I love that the natural fibers of my Thirsties diapers air dry soft, no need to use my dryer.

Check out Thirsties Cloth Diaper Care for all your washing and drying questions.

All that Thirsties has to offer:

Thirsties is a staple brand in the cloth diaper world and they have it all when it comes to diapers, from Newborn to One-Size, Hook and Loop to Snaps, AIOs to Pockets, Diaper covers and Duo Wraps in the brightest solid colors and amazing prints, you will be sure to find what you’re looking for. Thirsties is known for their superb trim fit, exceptional leak protection and the highest quality of fabric touching your babies sensitive skin. It’s hard to not be impressed with  Thirsties quality of cloth diapers along with their amazing business ethics and their never ending goal to be as green as possible.


I have always said that babies are never ending research projects. I am always doing my research on what are the safest products for my daughter. My daughter started eating solids and drinking from a sippy cup at 6 months old and that’s when I really started doing my research on the plastic products that touch my daughters food.

There are so many chemicals in plastic such as BPA and Phthalates. It is so important to me to keep these chemicals away from my daughter. That’s when I started to look into Silicone products. Silicone DOES NOT contain toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A, lead, PVC and phthalates. Silicon is a natural element found in sand and rock. Silicon is transformed into silicone when combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Silicone is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and does not promote bacteria or fungus growth. Silicone is so durable it will with stand the test of everyday use. I was surprised to find that Silicone is recyclable. Although you can not throw it in with your city recycling, there are many specialty recycling factories. Send your products back to Silikids and they will recycle it for you. How amazing is that!!! Read all about Silicone on Silikids Silicone 101 page.

Silikids started in 2006 and was the first brand focused on tableware products made entirely of silicone. Not only were they able to offer a alternative to plastic products, they have created some of the most innovative tableware that I have ever seen. While keeping our children safe with a non-toxic materials they make meal time and clean up a simple task.

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I absolutely love these silicone cups. As my daughter gets older she loves to be a big kid and often refuses a sippy cup and wants a regular cup. I was completely unprepared for this and only had glass cups, not sure why it never crossed my mind to have child friendly cups. Well let me tell you, Silikids Silicone Cups are the best. They are 100% food grade silicone with a stainless steel ring that helps hold its shape. The silicone body makes it easy to grip with little hands. This is a super sturdy cup, it does not have any flex when you are handling it and can withstand being dropped, when you have a toddler everything eventually hits the floor. I love that these cups are Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe and Microwave Safe along with the other benefits of silicone. These cups can be perfectly paired with the Siliskin Universal Straw Tops and the Siliskin Universal Sippy Tops.


The Universal Straw Tops will easily turn any cup into a kid friendly, spill proof cup. Simply slip the silicone top over your cup of choice and it will suction to your cup. Make sure your cup is dry for the best grip. The straw itself is 100% food grade silicone making it soft for chewing toddlers and bendable. Silikids straws are a little larger in diameter than a regular straw, making it easy to drink smoothies or thicker drinks. The Straw and the Silicone Top are both Dishwasher Safe. You are able to purchase the Straw Tops, the Straw Top a long with a Cup or just the Straws.


I must say the design of the Universal Sippy Tops is genius. I always keep one in my diaper bag and I will never have to worry about not having a spill proof cup while out and about. (I can’t be the only one that runs out of the house and forgets the sippy cup). They are so easy to use, Stretch the top and place on your cup, maybe try first on an empty cup to get the hang of it. Be sure to align the dashed line with the lip of your cup. The Universal Sippy Tops fit any size cup and will stay in place. These are 100% food grade silicone and are Microwave Safe and Dishwasher Safe. I have also used these as lids for snack cups while on the go. You can also purchase this as a Sippy Cup, and you will get the sippy top as well as the cup.


Silispoons are like no other spoon I’ve ever seen. My independent daughter has always fed herself, but finding a spoon that keeps the food on it from bowl to mouth has been difficult. My daughter loves the look and feel of the Silispoon making meal time more fun. This spoon is 100% food grade silicone from top to bottom. The handle is easy to grip and easy for little hands to maneuver. The “shovel” head is soft on tender teething gums while also making scooping food a simple task. The Silispoons also double as great teethers.


The Silimap is one of my favorite Silikids product. We take our own travel highchair when we go to restaurants and I always made sure we used our own tray since it grossed me out to think of my daughters food sitting on a public table. The Silimap takes the gross factor away from my daughter eating off a restaurant table. The Silimap conveniently folds, making it easy to slip into the diaper bag. Not only is it a clean space for her food, the Silimap is literally a map; it can turn meal time into a educational experience. Let your child’s creativity take over since the Silimap can be colored on with washable marker, pen and Crayola. The Silimap is 100% silicone and can be easily wiped clean and is Dishwasher Safe. Silimap is great for many ages, use it at home or use it on the go.

Make sure you check out the other great products by Silikids.

  • Siliskin Reusable Snack Bags
  • Siliskin Glass Cup
  • Silibib

Vive Health Long Shoe Horn

Limited mobility, back pain, pregnancy or even arthritis make getting your shoes on a hassle. Vive Shoe Horn will make that a thing of the past. The Vive Shoe Horn is 24″ in length allowing you to comfortably put your shoes on without having to bend.

Made of ultra strong durable plastic and guaranteed not to break during use. The Vive Shoe Horn has a comfortable handle that is easy to grip while while putting on your shoes. The handle design also makes it easy to hang for easy storage. The curve of the base of the shoe horn allows you to easily put your shoes on without bruising your heels or damaging the back of your shoes. Vive Health Shoe Horn is perfectly designed to work with shoes and boots. Vive backs their product with a Lifetime Guarantee. Your product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects.

You can purchase your Vive Health Long Shoe horn through their website as well as being able to order on amazon.

Let Vive Health help you slip into your favorite pair of shoes with their Long Handle Shoe Horn. 

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Squeasy Gear

Squeasy Gear started when food pouches were all the rage. Food pouches are a great, fun way to get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies. But they create so much waste and can be so costly. Back in 2011 there was nothing on the market like Squeasy Gear, that’s when the Wilson’s decided to design their dream feeding container. The Squeasy Gear products are completely reusable, saving money and saving unnecessary waste.

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Don’t get me wrong the convenience of store bought pouches are appealing but what is really in them? I never gave this a second thought until there was a massive recall on so many brands of pouches for mold and expired foods. That did it for me, I was going to make my own. If I was going to make my own purees I didn’t want to use disposable pouches. There is nothing I hate more than throwing away money. That’s when I found Squeasy Snackers. What I didn’t know before I tried the Squeasy Snacker is that I can use it for so much more than purees. Squeasy Snackers are my new go to sippy cup for my daughter because not only is it easier to clean, there are no leaks and no spills.

If you have given your child a store bought pouch I am sure you have experienced them squeezing it and causing a huge mess. That will not happen with Squeasy Snackers because of their no spill insert. I have fully tested this out, squeeze it, flip it upside down, no leaks, no drips, no mess! I know there are many sippy cups on the market that advertising no leaks, but I find if you don’t get all the pieces just right, they leak.

As easy as the Squeasy Snacker is to use, it is just as easy to clean. All the pieces come apart making cleaning simple. The silicone body even turns inside out. It is dishwasher safe on the top rack, although we always hand wash since we use them so often.

The body of the Squeasy Snacker is made of 100% food-grade silicone and is very easy for little hands to keep a hold of it. The bottle stands on its own which is so helpful when filling it. The wide opening is flexible which is nice for spooning puree in or for trying to fit frozen ice cube purees. The Squeasy itself has ounce markers on the side making it easy to keep track of how much your child is drinking. The Squeasy Snacker comes in 3.5oz and 6oz and the Squeasy Sport is 16oz.

Squeasy Snackers makes packing lunches fast and simple. They even make planning ahead easy since the Squeasy Snacker is freezer safe. Easy Feeding on the go!

I know I mentioned how much I love the Squeasy Snacker for purees and for drinks but they also work amazingly for smoothies, applesauce and yogurt.  Check out some of the recipes on Squeasy Gears Blog. I have even included a few of my favorite recipes below.



Balboa Baby

Balboa Baby is fashion forward for parents and babies. Balboa is the perfect blend of functional and fashionable. Their beautiful distinctive prints mixed with their high quality, luxurious fabrics makes Balboa Baby Products stand out above the rest. Balboa Baby has a beautiful selection of Bedding, Blankets, Nursing Covers, Shopping Cart Covers, Car Seat Canopy’s, Adjustable Slings and Jersey Ring Slings. Balboa Baby’s gorgeous prints are carried throughout all their lines, making coordinating easy.

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Gauze Blankets

Gauze Blankets are a must for any baby or toddler. My daughter was born in the heat of the summer and the thought of covering her in a heavy blanket was crazy. Of course, in the winter she could have something a little heavier, perhaps something like Decke mit Foto bedrucken, but in the summer, I relied on gauze blankets to wrap up my newborn, or to cover myself while nursing or even as a changing pad while on the go, you really can’t have to many. Although there are many brands of gauze blankets, you will not find anything cuter than Balboa Baby’s amazing prints. I love the bright pop of color in the Coral Bloom print and they are also offered in a Grey Trellis and Lavender Trellis design. Balboa Baby Gauze Blankets are made of 100% cotton and are extremely soft. These blankets are a nice large size, measuring 44″x 44″ and are nice and light, perfect for those summer babies. Once my daughter was old enough to sleep with a blanket I would only allow her gauze blanket in the crib.

Bunny Security Blanket

The Balboa Baby Bunny Security Blanket is my daughters comfort item, we call it her lovie and it is necessary for bedtime. It is so soft and cuddly, she carries it everywhere. When traveling the Bunny Security Blanket is easy to pack up, and it provides continuity for my daughters bedtime routine. The Balboa Baby Bunny Security Blanket is 100% cotton on one side and a plush satin on the other. I love the different feel of the fabric and is great sensory item for my daughter. Balboa Baby’s Bunny Security Blanket is offered in Gray and White as well as Lime and White.

Balboa Baby items make great gifts for every expecting mom or new baby in your life.


Bible Belles: The Belle of Bravery Giveaway

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Baby Buddy – Healthy Teeth & Gums

It’s important to start healthy habits young. Baby Buddy makes dental hygiene a fun, positive experience for everyone. For day-to-day cleaning for children, there’s a 6 Stage Oral Program that will start you on the right path for healthy teeth and gums starting at birth. Don’t forget, just because your little one doesn’t have teeth yet, oral hygeine and regular check ups with a Dentist in Lancaster are still really important. You want a dentist to check that the baby’s teeth are developing as they are meant to! By taking care of the baby’s teeth now, it should reduce the chance of any problems in the future. Poor dental hygiene can cause bigger problems as people get older. For example, it can cause tonsil stones. If anyone is suffering from tonsil stones, it’s important to visit a dentist to learn how to get rid of tonsil stones and prevent them from becoming a bigger issue. Start taking care of your baby’s teeth now.



Start off with Tooth Tissues (stage 1) and Soft Silicone Finger Toothbrushes (stage 2) to keep those first baby teeth clean and free from plaque while getting your baby use to having their teeth cleaned.

The Wipe N Brush (stage 3) toothbrush is combination of the tooth tissues and the silicone finger toothbrush. This toothbrush fits on my finger perfectly and I can manoeuvre it exactly how I want. The case that it comes in is an ideal since I don’t have to worry about germs hitting the brush. The bristles on the brush are very toothbrush-like. It will be even better when the baby has teeth!

Babies First Toothbrush (stage 4) is great on tender gums and doubles as a teether. This brush has a handle, perfect for a toddlers little hands. This brush is completely silicone, which is great for teaching my daughter to brush her own teeth and still safe if she walks around with it in her mouth. This toothbrush has become a lifesaver as my daughter is working on getting her first molars and using this as a teether will reach the sensitive gums in the back of her mouth. Plus, it’ll make the Dentist in Avon Lake happy to hear we’ve been so proactive about our little one’s health.

Baby Buddy’s 360 Toothbrushes (stages 5 & 6) innovative design has your child’s small mouth in mind making getting all the hard to reach places where plaque builds up causing cavities. I have never seen a tooth with this design and shape. I gravitated towards this brush over others and my daughter insists on brushing her teeth any time she sees it. This is giving me great hope for her dental hygiene practices as she ages, she’ll very rarely have to go to see a dentist at Dentist Manchester or other dental surgeries at this rate!

Baby Buddy has even designed a 360 toothbrush for expectant moms. Pregnancy really effects the whole body including your teeth and gums. Baby Buddy’s 360 toothbrush is made up of short soft elastic bristles making cleaning on sensitive teeth and gums easy.

It’s not just kids who need healthy teeth and gums, but us adults too! Have you been looking for any of the following?

Baby Buddy has unique designs that you won’t find with other brands.

baby-buddies-pacie-holderBaby Buddy’s Pacifier Holder is the perfect product to keep those constantly falling pacifiers off the floor. I was nervous when I first looked at the pacifier clip because I thought my sons pacifier wouldn’t work with it. After some investigating and strength I was able to stretch the pacifier hole so that the button could fit on it, and it’s perfect! It really is a great product to have around our house; his pacifiers go where he goes now!

Secure-A-Toy is great for keeping a hold of your babies favorite toys and teethers. These work perfectly to attach a toy to your stroller, car seat, highchair and even use while babywearing. There is nothing worse than loosing your child’s comfort item while out and about or having to constantly having to pick it up off the floor and cleaning it before handing it back.

Baby Buddy takes bath time to a level of luxury with their Natural Sea Wool Bath Sponge. Not only are natural sponges recyclable and renewable they are more resistant to bacteria than synthetic sponges. Natural sponges are hyperallergenic and will not mold or mildew. Baby Buddys natural bath sponge is super soft against baby’s skin it also makes lather and rinsing really easy.

Every parent knows how hard it is to clean your child’s bottles and sippy cups. Baby Buddy keeps this nearly impossible task easy with their Bottle Wand. Baby Buddy’s bottle wand makes getting to those hard to reach places easy and saves so much time when hand washing bottles. Choose from a sponge head perfect for everyday cleaning or the Non Abrasive Scour head to help with any stuck on food, ideal for my reusable squeasy pouch snackers.

Connect with Baby Buddy

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Baby Buddy has a variety of quality products designed for you and your baby. Baby Buddy also offers Sonic 360 Toothbrushes Bib Clips, Up & Away Toy Hammocks, Closet Organizers and much more. Baby Buddy has truly thought out the needs of parents and children alike and offer the best selection of must have products. Every Baby needs a Buddy.

Mamathefox readers please enjoy a 15% off coupon. Click here to shop, your coupon code will already be added to your cart.

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