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Space Saving Ideas for Your New Bathroom

Best Space Saving Ideas for Your Bathroom:

It is important to know the available space while designing a bathroom. Your bathroom can be large and luxurious or a tiny room with limited space. You should have some innovative space saving ideas to make your bathroom best in appearance as well as functionality.

A bathroom is known for its design and not the large space. No matter how much space you have in your bathroom, you need to use every inch of that space to make it an attractive place in your house. Here we provide a few best ideas for saving space in your bathroom. These ideas are useful for you to make a new bathroom or remodel/renovate an existing bathroom.

Make Storage Above Door:

The space above the bathroom door (inside) is always remain unused. When your bathroom is small in size, you should utilize the space above the door. It is suggested to create a shelf or wood cabinet without door. You can store your towel and other stuff right there in the storage above the bathroom door. It will definitely increase the storage space in your tiny bathroom.

Get Racks or Hooks Behind Door:

The racks or hooks are useful as towel hangers in a bathroom. You can make shelves for towels, but the hangers can work as additional storage. The racks or hooks behind the door provide a great function for hanging towel while you are inside the bathroom. You can hang the towel behind door and get it easily when you want it.

Get Corner Sink:

Even if your bathroom has limited space, you have to install some important equipment. A sink is one of those equipment that you must have in your bathroom. A standard sink can take up more space, so you can go for a corner sink.

A corner sink is the best replacement to a normal sink as it saves space and provides all functions. You should find one unused corner of your bathroom from where the plumbing line is also close. Then just install a corner sink to get sink function and also save a lot of space in your bathroom.

Sink Counter:

A counter near the sink area is useful to keep the stuff you need i.e. soap, face wash and others. The size of the counter should be normal and not interrupting the walking space of your bathroom. If you have empty space on either side of the sink, you can extend the counter towards that direction to make the most of that space in your bathroom.

Mirror As A Door:

You must have a mirror in your bathroom near the sink. The best place for installation of mirror is right above the sink. You can install a normal mirror above the sink or do something more interesting. You can use the mirror as a door to a small storage cabinet above sink.

You should make a small storage cabinet mounted to wall above the sink. Thereafter you need a door to hide that storage where you can use the mirror. Get a mirror door for that cabinet and get storage space for soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and other things.

Wall Mounted Storage:

A storage cabinet is a useful thing in a bathroom. The size of cabinet is based on the availability of space in your bathroom. If you are going to make a small bathroom, you cannot add a large storage cabinet into it. But you should get a space saving wall mounted storage for your bathroom.

The wall mounted storage does not take up space on the floor like a free standing cabinet. Based on your storage requirement and availability of wall space, you should find the best wall mounted storage to make your bathroom more useful with storage function.

Space Saving Toilet:

When your bathroom is small, you need to find each equipment that saves some space. A corner toilet or tankless toilet can do that for you. A standard toilet comes with a bowl and a tank which is placed above the bowl. The bowl remains a bit far from the wall behind because of the position of the tank.

A corner toilet has a triangular tank that easily fits in a corner of your bathroom. So it saves a lot of space and provides all comfort you expect from a standard toilet. You can also get a tankless toilet which supports in-wall tank system to save space and use the space available on wall behind the toilet. if you want to buy and then check reviews here.

Toilet Paper Storage:

You need to use toilet paper right after using the toilet. So the toilet paper should be nearby the toilet. If you have installed a corner toilet then you can use the empty space at top of toilet tank. This space is flat and can store toilet paper so that you can easily access it at anytime.

Need of Bathtub:

Bathtub is designed for a master bathroom with a large space. It is not compulsory to have a bathtub in a small bathroom. You should think whether you have enough space for other important things after installing a bathtub. If you have lack of space then you should avoid the bathtub and utilize that space for other important equipment.

Shower Room:

Shower is one of the most necessary thing in a bathroom. Even if your bathroom is small, you can make a tiny shower room with glass door or a curtain door. You can check a variety of shower room designs to find your suitable design and apply the same in your bathroom.

Ladder Shelves:

A ladder of shelves can be a good design for a wall in your bathroom. You just need to make a ladder which has at least 4 to 5 shelves. After installation of such ladder, you can use the shelves for toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, hand wash, face wash, hair oil, moisturizing cream and other stuff. All these things can be stored into one ladder with multiple shelves.

In this way, you can save a lot of space and still make your small bathroom beautiful and full of functionalities.

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