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    Since 1976 MAM has been committed to creating products that support the individual development of each child. MAM creates products that are medically proven functional with attractive design features – the best of both worlds. MAM designers have worked in conjunction with child development specialists to create an innovative range of teethers.”


    This bite and relax – phase 1 teether is perfect for the very beginning stages of teething. Starting at two months your child can begin to feel relief from the discomforts of teething. The phase 1 teether is designed to reach the front teeth effectively and with ease; raised surfaces are specially structured to sooth the teething pain. The teether includes one clip in order to keep it clean, off the floor, and easily reachable for baby.



    Bite and Relax – phase 2 teether is designed to reach the back emerging teeth. This teether is extra lightweight and so easy for baby to hold. The two different materials allow baby to choose from a variety of surfaces. Baby’s fine motor skills will be trained by the shape as they maneuver it around from hand to hand.




    The cooler teether is designed to provide teething relief for children four months and older. This particular teether is filled with water to allow a cooling element which relaxes and soothes the gums. The raised edges and innovative shape massage the gums and reach the back teeth. Each aspect of this teether is good for soothing the gums and teeth of baby. The bright and different colors allow the visual senses to be strengthened.



    The MAM soft brush is great for cleaning any baby product – teethers, pacifiers, cups, but especially bottles and nipples. This bottle brush is different than others because of the non-scratch bristles; creating a soft, gentle cleaning. The bristles are also flexible so they are easily reachable to every area of a bottle. The hole near the bottom of the brush is perfect for hanging on a hook to allow for storage and drying. At the bottom of the soft brush is the nipple brush. This cleans the inside of the nipple – where it’s the hardest to reach. One downside of the shape of the nipple brush (if you use other bottle brands) is that it’s created for MAM bottles. This obviously makes sense, they made their brush compatible with their bottles; but it is more difficult to use on a differently shaped nipple.



    The massaging brush is great for kiddos three months and older who need to start oral care. Begin habits early with your child as you massage and brush new teeth. The long, bent shape of the brush is perfect for reaching and massaging any place inside baby’s mouth. The top end of the brush is similar to a toothbrush – great for brushing first teeth. At the bottom end of the brush there are two different surfaces, both great for massaging gums. Even apply teething gel to the bottom for a cleaner application.



    This learn to brush set is specially developed by dentists to help in the learning process of toothbrushing. The set includes one training brush (longer brush), one first brush (shorter brush), and one safety shield. The training brush is very similar to the massaging brush. Long and easily graspable handle allows baby and parent to hold the brush together. Parents can teach baby and guide them through brushing motions. First brush allows babies to independently imitate adult brushing. With the short, ergonomically shaped handle, babies can hold the brush easily with no trouble. The safety shield is perfect for keeping the brush(s) a safe distance from the back of baby’s mouth. You don’t want to put their little throat at danger. Using the red bristles are great for indicating the recommended amount of toothpaste for baby. Keep them safe from that nasty fluoride with these helpful indicators!

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    All MAM products are free of BPA, BPS, lead, and phthalates. Their fun, innovative designs are great for children’s development and growth. Medically proven functionality and attractive designs on all their products is what sets MAM apart from other companies.


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